Les Cooke Instruments will supply you with a range of meters to suit all kinds of industrial and technical conditions.

Panel meter 96mm square, F96B100-05

Ammeter Bimetallic, 96mm sq. 90deg scale, Range 0/100amps FSD 5 amps.

Panel meter 96mm square, F96B1500 FCD05

Bimetallic combined Ammeter, 96mm sq. 90deg scale, Range 0/1500anps FSD 5 amps.

Current transformer – TAC040

Current transformer TAC040, cable 32mm, busbar 40x10mm.

Current transformer – TAC032

Current transformer TAC032 cable 22mm, busbar 32x10mm.

Current transformer Type T13 No783878

Type T13 No7838781 Current 800/5 busbar 80x20mm.

Panel meter 48mm square

Voltmeter AC, 48mm sq. 90deg scale, Range 0/500volt AC.