Les Cooke Instruments will supply you with a range of meters to suit all kinds of industrial and technical conditions.

Panel meter 96mm square.

Ammeter DC, 90deg scale 96mm sq, range 0/100% 4-20mA input.

Panel meter AC 72mm square

Ammeter AC 90deg scale, 72mm sq, ranges 0/1amp to 0/100amp.

Panel meter rectangular.

Multipurpose panel meter 90deg scale, rectangular 90x80mm.

Panel meter 144mm square

Ammeter, 144mm sq. 90deg scale, Range 0/55Hz FSD 50 uA.

Panel meter 96mm square

Milli-amps, panel meter 90deg scale, ranges 0/1mA to 0/20mA.

Panel meter 48mm square

Micro-amp, panel meter 90deg scale 48mm sq. Ranges 0/50uA to 0/600uA.